Modular Water-Cooled Chillers

Jetson Modular Water-Cooled Chillers feature a compact modular design that makes them ideal for easy replacement, retrofit, or new construction applications. Modular chillers offer superior expandability for future expansion and are uniquely suited for applications with critical cooling or heating systems that have redundancy requirements.

Features & Options

  • Modular capability to install up to ten (10) modules together to reach capacities up to 600 tons
  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant
  • Intuitive, factory installed microprocessor-based controller compatible with BACnet®, Modbus®, and LonTalk®
  • Single circuit refrigeration systems for lower first costs or dual circuit refrigeration systems for greater operating redundancy
  • Heat Recovery capability up to 140°F (60°C) to conserve energy by reusing condenser leaving water to serve heat loads like boiler loops, reheat coils and more
  • High and low-pressure protection/compressor overload protection
  • Single point electrical connection for array or separate module electrical feeds provide electrical redundancy
  • Shipped with R-454B for water-cooled systems or nitrogen holding charge for split systems
  • Designed for easy retrofit—fits through a standard three-foot door
  • Factory-assembled and shipped with complete internal piping and wiring, essential controls and protective devices
  • Compressors are factory installed on rubber isolation mounts for quiet operation
  • Compressor acoustic hoods and/or sound isolating cabinets are available for sound sensitive applications
  • Simple to use controls with displays in plain English and automatic data logging of faults and alarms


  • High capacity evaporators are available for 40°F (4°C) leaving water applications or for applications requiring glycol to offset capacity reduction of glycol system.
  • Water-cooled, remote air-cooled, or evaporative condenser applications.
  • Constant or variable primary flow systems with factory provided valve packages.
  • N+1 or N+2 redundant control logic.
  • Ice making mode available for skating rinks, thermal storage, and more.
  • Designs for 150 psi or 300 psi water pressure applications.


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