Air-Cooled Condensing Units

Jetson Air-Cooled Condensing Units are the leaders in the split system marketplace. Designed for quiet operation, serviceability, efficiency, and reliability, Jetson condensing units are applied in numerous commercial and industrial applications.

Features & Options

  • Capacities from 10 to 90 tons
  • High-efficiency scroll compressors.
  • Intuitive, factory installed microprocessor-based controller compatible with BACnet®, Modbus®, and LonTalk®
  • Standard uncoated or optional e-coated microchannel heat exchanger (MCHE) condenser coils
  • Galvanized steel frame with painted finish on exterior panels promotes long equipment life.
  • High and low-pressure protection/compressor overload protection
  • Ground or rooftop installation
  • Compressors are factory installed on rubber isolation mounts for quiet operation
  • Compressor acoustic hoods and/or sound isolating cabinets are available for sound sensitive applications
  • Variable speed condenser fans
  • R-454B available


  • Multi-story office buildings, hotels, schools, municipal and industrial facilities that need economical cooling but cannot utilize equipment like rooftop units benefit from split system designs.
  • The air-cooled condensing unit installs easily and quickly on the roof or ground and refrigerant line sizes are predetermined for typical comfort cooling and process applications.
  • With the evaporator indoors, no freeze protection is required. This has the benefits or requiring no glycol, no draining of the system, and no need to run pumps all winter long.
  • Condensing units are flexible and can be matched with indoor brazed plate, shell and tube or DX fin and tube evaporators.


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