Our Mission

Create innovative and differentiated HVAC products that customers value!


We act as a team,
with each other
and our customers.
We help each
other succeed and
celebrate our wins.


We do what we say
we will do.


We believe things
that matter most
should never be at
the mercy of the
things that matter
least. We focus our
energies on high
return activities.


We support the role
that family plays in
our lives. We work
safely for those we
care about and for
those that care
about us.


We continuously
pursue excellence
in ourselves, our
company and the
products and
services that we


We communicate to
coordinate our actions.
We actively listen in our
communication to first
understand, then to be

About Us

Over the next few months, we will be working to merge the Jetson product line into the Modine Manufacturing portfolio. Napps Technology (also known as “Jetson”) is a leading provider of low-capacity Air and Water Cooled Chillers, Condensing Units and Heat Pumps in North America. Jetson is a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our core values guide us to continuously strive for excellence as a leading HVAC manufacturer

Our Vision

Jetson is an engineering driven manufacturer of Water-Cooled Chillers, Air-Cool Chillers, and Condensing Units. With years of experience in all phases of the HVACR industry, we are committed to developing and manufacturing products that are highly efficient, reliable, serviceable and cost effective.

The full line of Jetson, highly efficient commercial products are offered exclusively through our representatives. These products range in capacity from 10 to 600 tons